rock balancing

TenStone Solutions is a Leadership Solutions Firm- You lead. We help. Our name comes from stacked stones (cairns) along trails.

They are symbols of direction.
They are symbols of balance, finding the ideal spot to be grounded while supporting others.
They are symbols of strength, standing tall in the environment around them.

TenStone wants to help you find or revitalize your direction and purpose. We want to help you grow your skills and relationships to ensure continued opportunities. We help you align your team to ensure top performance. We want to help you feel confident to stand tall and lead in the world around you.

About the Founder

As the Founder and Certified Executive Coach, Layne Mielke, helps highly skilled and specialized professionals reach new heights as she helps them gain the skills and acumen that they have not focused on before.

Layne’s experience helps her serve a wide range of clients as she has a keen understanding of how small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations work. She has a Master’s Degree in Leadership in Ecology, Culture, and Learning, which she draws on to help her clients understand how to move forward in meaningful ways within the contexts of sustainability, a triple bottom line, and how to best train and develop adults learners.

Before founding TenStone Solutions LLC, she co-founded a company that took an idea and made it a tangible product (manufacturing, shipping, delivery, sales, and overall brand building) and recently sold the company.

Moreover, Layne understands how people work. She understands the highs and lows of business owners and executive directors. She helps her clients gain clear insights so they can create impactful solutions.

She is also a dedicated member of the community. She has served non-profits ranging from being on the Board of Directors for the Denver Metro YMCA to volunteering as a partner athlete with DDCR. She is currently serving the State of Colorado in a Board of Examiners position.

What People Are Saying

“Layne is resourceful and always can help me find a solution to any problem. She is great at breaking down the most complicated things into simple terms.” -I. Jennings, Founder, The Kindness Network

Layne has genuine care and concern for the people she is with.  She brings enthusiasm, energy, and clarity. She helped me think through ideas and ultimately she helped me get the results that I wanted.-Chris M., Co-Founder Colorado Engineering Firm

“Layne is a dynamic and creative educator and leader. She is a clear thinker and helps others find their best selves. I would trust her with any project completely. -C. Reynolds, University Professor