TenStone Leadership Connection Challenge

The TenStone Leadership Connection Challenge will help you grow your leadership presence while strengthening your knowledge and connections to your local community.

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“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”― Theodore Roosevelt

What is the TenStone Leadership Challenge?

The TenStone Leadership Challenge is for those who want to serve their communities through knowledge, connection and support. 

If you are:
  • A business leader looking to connect with other leaders.
  • New to your community and want to learn about your new surroundings.
  • Looking to learn more about other jobs/professions to help you build your network.
  • A life long learner wanting to grow through learning and building relationships.

    The TenStone Leadership Challenge is for you

The Leadership Connection Challenge was an amazing experience of growth, camaraderie, and community. I expected to challenge myself in reaching out to other leaders in my community and forming new connections. What I didn’t expect at the outset was how much I would learn about myself. In the course of our weekly discussions and outreach, I gained insight into my own values, experience, barriers, and beliefs, and how to manifest or shift those to build a better community.Under the guidance of Layne Mielke, all of us in the program learned from one another in meaningful ways. I appreciated that there was a clear and thoughtful structure, combined with fluid discussions that kept me thinking long after our sessions. Layne brings out the best in people and is an expert facilitator and leader. I highly recommend her unique program!

Laura Dayal, Business Owner
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There is so much content out there helping leaders learn from reading or watching about others’ experiences. The TenStone Challenge is different. It accelerates your learning by challenging you to go out and try, practice, engage and explore with leaders in your community then reflect on what you learned from others and about yourself.

The TenStone Leadership Challenge propels you to take action and connect with your community. It helps you grow the leadership skills that will serve you personally and professionally. It holds you accountable for being a leader in your own life. The TenStone Leadership Challenge helps our communities grow stronger and be better connected by challenging you to go and intentionally meet leaders who work in different sectors that help a community thrive.

When you join the TenStone Leadership challenge you will be welcomed into a league of people who are building strong communities and want to increase their leadership skills. It is for people who do not want to watch life go by but would rather live the life they want and build the community they desire to live in. This challenge is for those who want to experience different people, develop new connections and strengthen their community. What could happen if you were able to have more connections in your community?

Members have already started creating stronger connections and communities in Colorado, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Will you be next? Will you take the challenge to strengthen your community?

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A 10-Week Challenge to help you learn about yourself and your community

Everyone who participates in the 10-week TenStone Leadership Challenge will receive a free membership to the distinguished TenStone Leadership Community. You will be intentionally developing a stronger understanding and connection with the people who are making your community better. You will grow in your leadership skills, your self-awareness, and of course, your connections. Members will also receive an exclusive TenStone Leadership Pin and upon completion a TenStone Leadership Certificate.

Will you accept the challenge?

Will you make a difference in your community and in your own life?

Why do this now? People have become more isolated and lonely, we have more thought silos and a deep desire to connect with people in a meaningful way. We need to build our community support system. This fast-paced 10-week challenge will allow us to learn, practice and improve our leadership skills, expand our ideas all while building our community connections. Weekly virtual Peer Mentor Group meetings will allow all the participants to build rapport and have the support of the other virtual TenStone Community Members.

Become An Intentional Leader
A Connector to your Community

  • Individual
    • Connect with new leaders in Eight different sectors in your community and through the TenStone Network
    • Strengthen your connection skills by intentionally meeting people whom are not in your cirlce
    • Gain more Self-Awareness
  • Organizational
    • Develop a channel of leaders who can efffectively connect with others
    • Improve employee engagement
    • Equip your organization with people who are able and confident to build relationships inside and outside of your industry.

*The TenStone Leadership Challenge is anchored in the prominent research of adult education based on the research of Malcolm Knowles’ concept of Andragogy as well as David Kolb’s Experiential Learning theory.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TenStone Leadership Challenge?

The TenStone Leadership Challenge is a structured program designed to propel individuals beyond their comfort zone and meet people in different sectors of their community while growing in their leadership capacity.

How does the TenStone Leadership Challenge work?

Sign up for the waitlist. As soon as a challenge opens up (Challenges sizes are intentionally kept small (groups will range from 4-15 people allowing rapport building and ability to develop trust and strong conversations), you will get an email to register for the Challenge. After you have registered, you will be welcomed into a TenStone Leadership Challenge and join your Peer Mentor Group.

You will meet with this group once a week for ten weeks in order to learn about the different sectors of your community, support and mentor one another as the challenge progresses. After you complete this challenge you will still be able to get a year of weekly challenges that will help you keep the TenStone mindsets nimble and ready to use.

How much does this cost?

Are you thinking, wow, this sounds great! But how much does it cost? We want to make this simple, with no extra fees and no major hassles. You have three packages to choose from that will ensure that you have access to the TenStone Leadership Network for life.

Setting the Foundation:
TenStone Leadership Challenge includes the 10-week challenge of growing your leadership skills and strengthening your community $489


Well Connected:
TenStone Leadership Challenge, plus a Talent Insights personal assessment and debrief, plus a custom leadership goal setting session $849
*The Talent Insights Report reveals your behaviors and drivers. This will help you understand how to lead and communicate more effectively.


Strong Links:
TenStone Leadership Challenge, plus Talent Insights personal assessment and debrief, plus a custom leadership goal setting session, plus three Executive Coaching Sessions to help you achieve your goals with an ICF Certified Coach $1,749.

Many think these challenges are worth much more than we are charging, and have suggested that we increase the prices. After all, similar leadership platforms charge double even triple what the TenStone Leadership Connection Challenge is charging. However, our goal is to help strengthen communities and we believe that the more people that take this challenge and get to know new, different people, the better off we all will be. Furthermore, once you enroll in the challenge, you will be situated with other leaders who are serving their communities as well, strengthening the TenStone Leadership Community and its members.

How do I complete the TenStone Leadership Challenge?

You actively participate in at least 9 of the 10 Peer Group Weekly Meetings and successfully connect with at least 5 Community members from different sectors.

What happens after the TenStone Leadership Challenge?

We will also continue sending you “Challenges of the Week” to help you keep practicing the TenStone Leadership Mindsets. When it’s all said and done, you will get a whole year’s worth of “Challenges of the week” designed to increase your abilities as a leader.

Can I choose what class I am in?

Typically no, unless you are a corporate partner or a group and we have made arrangements to offer this to your organization or group independently. If you and your friend would like to join at the same time, please synchronize when you are enlisting in the challenge!

How much time does this take during the week?

It really is up to you. However, we suggest allowing 2+ hours per week. You have one hour designated for your Peer Mentor Group Meeting and you have the other time designated for research, self-awareness prompts, setting up the appointment and getting time with the leader. We say that you can get as much as you put into it. We also recognize that can change week to week.

Can my business do this as a group?

Yes, please contact 720-727-1713 to discuss details.

Who Should Attend

  • Small and Medium sized Business Owners
  • Managers, Directors and Senior Directors looking to grow their network
  • Community Stakeholders
  • Non Profit Executive Directors and Managers
  • Non Profit Board Members
  • Anyone who has recently moved and wants to get to know their community
  • Anyone interested in personal leadership growth
  • Anyone interested in building stronger connections in their communities