I help successful people live up to their potential.  

I help my clients deeply understand themselves, build purpose and clarity into what they are doing (or want to do), and strengthen their curiosity, communication & appreciation of life. Let’s connect for a free clarity call if you want to learn more.

Does this sound like you?

Things come easy to you.
You are passionate.
You love to learn.
You take action.
Your life is full of success.
Yet, you still want something more.
You feel guilty for wanting more.
You are not exactly sure what more is.
You are in the right place.

As a high-achiever, you face a significant challenge. People around you see you doing things they aspire to do, but they are unaware of your true capabilities. You are comfortable in what you are doing, but there is still a whisper inside wanting more: more impact, more opportunities, more. It is hard to leave the comfort of what is to what can be.

Have you ever slowed down, shrunk your ambitions, or limited yourself because you are concerned about the amount of success you have achieved and don’t want others to feel bad around you?

I specialize in helping high-achievers like yourself reach even greater levels of success. Here’s what I understand about you:

  • Even with your success, you have the drive to do more.
  • You are nervous about what you want to do.
  • Oddly, your success and its blueprints prevent you from achieving even greater heights.

Here is a sample of outcomes my clients have experienced.

Senior Leader: 30+ years experience in a Fortune 100 company, went from working 70 hours a week to getting promoted to SVP,  working 45 hours a week and enjoying time with family and friends.

Digital Product Creator: Increased Salary and Title, empowered his team to take on more, now working fewer hours and creating a side business he is passionate about. 

HR Director: Overwhelmed and Overworked- ready to quit, now working four days a week at the same company. Now she only focuses on the parts of the job she thrives in. With her extra time, she is helping create a literacy program for her community.

We can meet in the fresh air, through the screen, or over the phone. If you are motivated to make a change, to get unstuck, or to achieve an important goal, take the first step and get in touch with TenStone Solutions to start the conversation.

Located in the Greater Denver area (Denver, Arvada, Boulder, Golden, Lakewood & Littleton), local TenStone clients can get outside for coaching conversations that support a change in mental state, encouraging creative thoughts, innovative solutions, and overall well-being. 

How would you benefit from having someone help you solve difficult problems, discuss sensitive issues, and work through your ideas?
How would you improve if you had someone who helped you perform your best and help you get to the next level?

What People Are Saying

“Layne has a gift for understanding the complexity of people’s personal and professional experiences. She is a great thought partner and demonstrates a keen ability to see the possibilities for resolution and impact. I have benefitted tremendously from Layne’s coaching, and I highly recommend her as an executive leadership coach who is making a significant impact on leaders and the communities they serve.” Laura Dayal, Organizational Leader

TenStone Solutions’ Coach, Layne Mielke, has an energy that you just want to be around. This is demonstrated in her coaching through a balanced mix of head and heart. She also brings curiosity and enables accountability that encourages you to move forward. The result is that while still working through your challenges, you feel supported and empowered. If you need a person who is positive and has a grounded spirit that can help you reach your next level, Layne is the coach for you.” Adrienne W., HR Director

Enthusiastic. Insightful. Inspiring. Layne genuinely cares about people. She is a wise soul who has a willingness to help, share knowledge, and problem-solve.” Parveen Panwar, entrepreneur and writer

Adventure is in your mindset.
If you are looking for a coach to partner with you to help you take on the professional risks and challenges to achieve your goals, look no further. TenStone offers a coaching style that is infused with humor and support. It includes thought-provoking conversations, stepping out of your comfort zone, and challenging you to maximize your professional and personal potential.

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein