Coaching Packages

“When we are no longer able to change a situation –
we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor Frankl

We undersand your needs are unique. Your situation will require a custom solution created exactly for the situation you are in. TenStone will provide you with a custom leadership solution package for the problem you are facing.

However, we also know some common themes that many small and medium-sized business and organization leaders face and have a selection of packages that are ready to go. See below for some of our most requested packages.


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In Transition

Have you had success in business? Have you sold your business, or are you just looking for the next professional adventure? You know what it takes to build something, but you are unclear on what you want to do next?

We have a 4-phased approach to help you discover what is next. At the end of this process, you will have a clear direction of where you want to go and what you want to do. It will align with your custom compass rose that helps guide you on your journey. Finally, this process will allow you to think and try ideas on with someone asking you insightful questions.

Questions: What happens if you stay idle? How much time has already passed?

8-10 Weekly hour-long sessions

Overwhelmed and Underappreciated?

Is time always evading you? Does it feel like you can never get anything done? Does It feel like you are always putting out fires, and never getting a chance to breathe, let alone work on what makes you excited?

TenStone can help you regain your balance. We will work together to create a time portfolio that will help you breathe and gain the confidence of gaining control of your time and energy.

Questions: What will it feel like when you are in control of your time? What possibilities open up?

3-4 Weekly hour-long sessions


Are you an expert in your field? Have you been promoted and need some of the “other” business and management tools to allow you to keep having success?

TenStone will help you understand your strengths, improve your employee engagement skills, grow your network, and, if needed, help you increase your team’s performance. You will have measurable growth in areas you want to improve. You will see RESULTS.
Commitment: 6+ months weekly hour-long sessions for the first six weeks, then we can move to bi-weekly sessions.
**Coaching is not a disciplinary tool. Use coaching for high performing professionals who need to increase their leadership skills to advance.

Team Performance Accelerator

Is your team not performing to a high level? Do you have lots of individuals and people who don’t value the importance of a team?

TenStone knows the elements of what creates impactful teams and will help you accelerate your team’s performance.

Questions: What can an engaged and purposeful team accomplish? How would that help your organization?

TBD- depends on where your team is in its life cycle and what you hope to achieve.
$TBD relates to how big the team is, the life-cycle, and what needs resolving. Please contact us, and we can discuss what would be most helpful.

Thought Partner-Sounding Board

Business is going well, however, it would be great to have a thought partner who will consistently help you think through your ideas and offer a “true” voice to ensure continued growth.
Commitment: TBD by coach and Client