When you know better, you do better.
-Maya Angelou

TenStone Solutions and TTI SI’s employee assessment tools provide data to help our customers best understand themselves and their teams. This data is customized per company and helps tells the story behind each organization’s unique culture. We offer results that are Real, Impactful & Powerful by coupling TTI SI assessments and a TenStone coach which helps businesses and individuals experience:

  • Better communication
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved productivity
  • Better workplace engagement
  • Increased sales training and effectiveness
  • Improved management effectiveness
  • Reduction of destructive stress
  • Effective development of high potential employees

TenStone Soltuions offers these assessments:


Measured in four dimensions (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance), DISC measures a person’s action preferences, revealing how an individual will behave.

Driving Forces

Discover what motivates and engages a person by examining six unique continuum: knowledge, utility, surroundings, others, power, and methodologies.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand a person’s ability to sense, understand, and regulate self and social situations that enable high levels of collaboration and productivity.